Asset Management

  • Asset Portal

    Track and manage physical assets to improve data accuracy, increase asset utilization, and optimize acquisition or disposition decisions.
         • Delivers improved furniture and equipment utilization rates, which can reduce capital expenditures by as much as 10% annually
         • Tracks and manages asset ownership and usage to increase organizational accountability and promote redeployment opportunities
         • Ensures compliance with financial accounting requirements and/or regulatory mandates
         • Establishes a coherent process for integrating asset planning, acquisition, tracking, disposal and investment recovery
         • Maintains an accurate inventory of network infrastructure to facilitate improved planning and a high level of internal customer support

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  • Furniture & Equipment Management

    Monitor and control physical asset cost and utilization to increase organizational accountability
         • Manages asset ownership and usage to increase organizational accountability and reduce costs
         • Reduces the need for write-offs by tracking the location and depreciation of assets
         • Facilitates trial layouts for analyzing various move options before executing them
         • Executes simple moves, adds, and changes to maximize/minimize disruption and sustain productivity
         • Analyzes the financial impact of furniture and equipment inventories

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  • Telecommunications & Cable Management

    Manage every aspect of your network infrastructure to facilitate planning, improve asset management, and enhance customer service
         • Shortens the planning process by maintaining a well-documented physical network and simplifies trouble-shooting tasks
         • Extends the lifecycles of telecommunications and data assets by facilitating reassignment of surplus items
         • Coordinates information and resources among responsible departments to ensure employees get network access quickly
         • Manages telecom inventory from the Web or intranet to facilitate organizational efficiency

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