ARCHIBUS Facilities and Real Estate Management Software: Broad and Deep Industry Expertise

With over 30 years of broad and deep experience, ARCHIBUS is constantly evolving its software solutions to meet the ever-expanding needs of users in key industries. This has given ARCHIBUS notable expertise in Financial Services, Education, Government, Healthcare, and Real Estate infrastructure and facilities management. ARCHIBUS can be found in the both the largest, and more modestly-sized, organizations worldwide for one key reason: our ability to deliver.


educationARCHIBUS increases the facilities management IQ of professionals at the K-12 and higher education levels with immediate access to all the data they need to offer the services their institutions demand.
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energyCompanies such as British Petroleum, Eni, Chesapeake Energy, Pacific Gas and Electric and many others are profiting from ARCHIBUS applications to prioritize strategies and execute practical programs to meet "green" objectives.
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Financial Services

financial servicesNo matter whether you are in banking, insurance or other branch of financial services, ARCHIBUS gives you a centralized, real-time picture of your facilities to improve decision support and lower your overall cost of occupancy.
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governmentARCHIBUS aids government real estate and facilities managers in deciding which properties they should own or lease, as well as how they can be occupied and operated more economically with environmental sustainability in mind.
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healthcareARCHIBUS solutions are helping organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Partners Healthcare, MD Anderson Cancer Center and many other providers do it all…and do it for less.
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Real Estate

real estateARCHIBUS provides a software platform that centralizes your building and lease information, offers the graphical views and analytical tools you need for unsurpassed decision support, lets you reduce costs, and makes you an invaluable strategic player.
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retailLeading retailers such as Carrefour, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tiffany & Co., and Macy's depend on ARCHIBUS to rationalize their real estate/facilities management practices to improve margins and competitiveness.
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telecomWhen international telecommunications companies require world-class technology solutions for managing their far-flung operations, Telefónica, Vodafone, Portugal Telecom and others rely on ARCHIBUS to answer the call.
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